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We do wholesale deals for gyms and business looking to sell our apparel in their stores. Email us for further details.


Payment Info

When you checkout you will be charged in Canadian Dollars (CAD) , when your credit card is charged, the amount charged will be in your National Currency. Ex,

Customer from America pays 33$ CAD for tee shirt, Credit Card is charged 25$ USD 


Website and Shipping Info

All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

United States Shipping is $3.00

Canadian Shipping is $9.00

International shipping is $12.00

Any order over $75.00 automatically provides the customer with free shipping.

Within a day or two of the order, a shipping and tracking number will be emailed to the customer!

On average it takes a product about 1 week or less for shipping to the United States, and about 2 weeks to Canada. The shirts are printed and shipped out to the customer as quick as possible from our warehouse in South Dakota. If any problems or concerns ever occur email us and we will respond ASAP!



  • Cover size issues (wrong size, too small, too large)
  • Product quality issues
  • Cover a missing product



Any other questions feel free to email us!