Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

The mentality of the brand was always set, that was the easy part. I had known for a while that this brand would represent the mentality I had carried throughout my life. What I did not have was a name, or a logo or even a shirt design. I had been sketching logos of monkeys, gorillas and apes prior to even having a name for the brand. My sketch book was filled with different ideas, but I could not decide on one defining logo.

One day I was sitting in a lecture about human evolution, there was a discussion about how humans were once primitive, how humans are essentially primates. All I remember is that the word "primate" just stuck with me that entire day, I was obsessed with it. I loved this theory of how we evolved from apes, how we were once savage creatures millions of years ago. The name "Primate" became definite, but just like the mentality, I wanted everything to be original. So I decided to place an 8 for the letter "a". The eight would represent a breed that symbolized the 8th Wonder of the World, something unique. I tried PRIM8, that just looked stupid and incomplete as a logoit was not symmetrical. Then I tried PRIM8TE, and that with the gorilla I had sketched immediately looked like the perfect fit for this brand.

At the time I was going to University, training jiu-jitsu almost everyday and working a real shitty labor job on the side in order to save up. I cannot tell you how many people told me that this idea was a long shot and would not work, that I was wasting my time and money. Obviously I did not listen and continued to work at this idea. Firstly, I had to get 3 logos digitized and then purchase 80 hoodies to sell locally to see if this would actually catch on. I saved up, purchased the hoodies, and thankfully sold them all within the span of a month around my area to local athletes and people who took interest in the brand. The mentality as well as the designs were a big hit, and at that point I knew this would be the start of a brand new journey.

Like anything, things started off slow and required patience. When you are trying to establish a new mentality and brand among a large and ever growing market, you tend to be an outcast. People feel they cannot trust a new brand, and as much as they are intrigued, they go with their gut, and stick with what they are familiar with.

PRIM8TE was something different, I knew it and so did everyone else. The humble mentality backed by an aggressive "Take No Shit" motto was what started creating hype. Everything I say comes from the heart, the core of what I believe in. There is no egotistical bullshit, no cocky alpha personalities. It is just us being humble, confident and who we are, living everyday the way we want, standing up for the weak and taking down the cocky.

Fast forward to a year later, our social media following was growing quickly, people were taking to not only the designs but especially the mentality, and that was key. It was amazing how fast PRIM8TE started to grow, and how many people supported the mentality I was trying to share. What was said would not work, is growing more and more by the day. It is amazing to have such a supportive group of followers, without everyone this would of been a lot harder than it was! Bless!  - JB