The PRIM8TE is a representation of those who refuse to be walked over in life,  we "TAKE NO SHIT". Many of us were once bullied and weak, set aside by society because we didn't fit in! We are the humble savage who separated from the norm, the savage breed that protects the weak and makes them strong. We are not a preppy motivational bullshit fitness brand for the perfect people of this world. We are not here to provide you with shirts sporting motivational crap telling you to hustle. The PRIM8TE does not whine and complain about how hard life is, it knows the struggles among this world and does not feel sorry for oneself. We protect the weak from the bullies of this world, we are the breed they have come to fear as we were "BORN 2 HUMBLE THE COCKY". This is the most savage brand among Planet Earth, We are PRIM8TE APPAREL and we are here to CONQUER